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Открыть 500 000 $ Баунти 11.03.2018 - 11.06.2018 Ethereum Завершено

CryptoGlobal is a Peer-to-Peer Decentralised Exchange. Based in London.We make the buying and selling of Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies with your help) as easy as possible.We're instant. P2P. Private. Leveraging Multi-sig Escrow technology.


BOUNTY PROGRAM ($500,000 Allocation)

[center][b]CryptoGlobal is announcing the signature campaign. 30% coins of bounty pool are allotted for this campaign.


   Member: 2 Stakes/Week
   Full Member: 4 Stakes/Week
   Senior Member: 6 Stakes/Week
   Hero/Legendary: 8 stakes/Week

Terms and Conditions
   1. Participant must be an active BitcoinTalk user with no negative trust.
   2. Each participant must make at least 10 constructive posts every week in various sections of forum except in Off-topic,Beginners & Help,Politics & Society, Local and Gambling section.
   3. Spam and Trolling is strictly not allowed.
   4. Posts with less than 75 characters will not be counted.
   5. If you get negative trust or banned from forum for whatever reasons,you will be disqualified and no stakes will be rewarded to you.
   6. Multiple accounts are not allowed and users found using more than one account will be disqualified.
   7. You must not remove signature and avatar during entire period of campaign and until allowed to do so by campaign manager.
   8. You must wear Avatar also.[/b]


How to apply
1. Wear signature and Avatar and fill in the following [FORM]

You can find it at:

Twitter Bounty Campaign

15% of Bounty pool is reserved for Twitter bounty which will be distributed among participants according to their Number of followers as follows:
Twitter Bounty stakes distribution

1500-3000 Followers : 3 Stakes per week.
3000-5000 Followers : 4 Stakes per week.
5000 and above Followers : 6 Stakes per week.

Terms and Conditions
1. You must follow our official twitter account
2. You must retweet and like minimum 5 Tweet every week.
3. You must tweet at least 1 of your original tweet about CryptoGlobal and use hash tags  #CryptoGlobal #ICO #CGX in it.
4. Twitter accounts must be cryptocurrency related,real and must have 90% twitter audit.

Apply for participation [url=][HERE]

You must post all your retweet and tweet links in the following format Every week by Monday else your stakes will not be rewarded
First Week
Retweet Link 1
Retweet Link 2
Retweet Link 3
Retweet Link 4
Retweet Link 5
Tweet Link

Facebook Bounty Campaign

15% of Bounty pool is reserved for Facebook Bounty Campaign which will be distributed among participants according to their Number of Followers/Friends as follows  :

Facebook Bounty stakes distribution :
1500-3000 Followers/Friends : 3 Stakes per week.
3000 Plus Followers/Friends : 4 Stakes per week.

Terms and Conditions
1. Participant must like and share official Facebook page.
2. You must Share minimum 5 Post every week.
3. You must Post at least 1 of your original Post about CryptoGlobal and use hash tags #CryptoGlobal #ICO #CGX in it.

Apply for participation [HERE]

You must post all your Shared Posts/Likes and Comments links in the following format Every week by Monday else your stakes will not be rewarded :
First Week
Shared Posts/Likes Link 1
Shared Posts/Likes Link 2
Shared Posts/Likes Link 3
Shared Posts/Likes Link 4
Shared Posts/Likes Link 5
Post Link
If you are applying for both Twitter and Facebook bounty,apply in 1 single post. No need to apply separately


Make a good review video of CryptoGlobal or interview any founder/team member from CryptoGlobal and publish it on your YouTube channel to avail this bounty. 5%of Bounty pool is reserved for Youtube bounty. Depending on quality,reach and uniqueness,videos will be categorized in Best,Good and medium and get the following stakes accordingly:
Best Video: 500 stakes
Good Video: 300 stakes
Medium Video: 100 stakes

Terms and Conditions
1. Video must be 2 minutes long.
2. Videos must include link to the official website in the description.
3. Must have your BitcoinTalk username in the description.
4. Video must be published on a crypto related YouTube channel with minimum 300 subscribers
5. Submit your video [HERE]

10% of Bounty pool is reserved for Blog and Article Bounties.

Publish articles and blogs on popular platform and help promote CryptoGlobal. You will be rewarded for your efforts as per follows 500, 300 and 100 stakes for an article/blog/Video, depending on the quality, uniqueness and distribution of of blog/article.

Terms and Conditions
1. Article/blog should with less than 500 words will not be accepted.
2. Must have Unique content (Copying ANN/news websites will not be allowed).
3. The  article/blog should have graphic materials (images) and a link to the ICO website and Whitepaper.
4. The article/blog must be published on some popular platform like Steemit,medium etc and must be accessible publicly.
5. Blog/Article must have your BitcoinTalk forum profile link.
6. Submit your work [HERE]

Earn CGX coin by translating the whitepaper into these languages.


Translation without approval will not be eligible. Only the participant who gets the approval will get paid.

Cap: 10% of total bounty pool is reserved for translation of our ANN thread and whitepaper in your language. Google translations will not be accepted.

Distribution of stakes
Translation of ANN thread : 100 Stakes.
Translation of whitepaper  : 200 Stakes.
Moderation of local thread : 1 stakes per post

Terms For Apply
To reserve your language,Pm bounty manager.

Terms and Conditions
1. Only participants with prior experience will be accepted.
2. Google translator or similar tools will not be allowed, translation quality will be verified.
3. In order to participate, reserve your translation language by clicking on the Google Registration form.
4. Language translation will be offered on a first come first serve basis.
5. Submit your translation work in the thread and PM bounty manager.

[center]Join our official telegram channel to earn CGX coin:[CLICK HERE]

Cap: 5% of total bounty pool is reserved for Telegram.

All registered joiners will get a onetime 5 stake at the end of ICO.

Participate actively in our community by asking relevant questions regarding CryptoGlobal project.

1. One telegram registration per IP address.
2. You must post a positive comment about the project in the bounty thread after registering.
3. You must stay in the channel till the end of the ICO to be eligible.
4. We will keep an eye for inactive members and they will be disqualified from the telegram bounty campaign (it will be decided by the management).
5. Must maintain a healthy attitude in the channel and abusive languages will not be tolerated and will lead to instant ban from the channel and disqualification from the campaign.
6. After joining the official channel, please also join the bounty channel and should you have any queries regarding the bounty, kindly ask in the bounty channel only. All bounty related topics will be deleted on the main channel.
7. Apply HERE

[center]CryptoGlobal announces  10% of total bounty pool for special reward campaign.

This much coin will be accounted to those whose performance is extraordinary.

Participants must make an extraordinary effort to promote Dragon project.

1.The management will decide whom to the allocation for this campaign
2.Any negative act will result permanent disqualification.

Check your participation in all bounty HERE