Bountyrush - лучшие баунти и эйрдропы
Название Вебсайт Бюджет Категория Даты Платформа Статус Активности
Открыть Uncapped Эйрдроп 10.01.2018 - 01.06.2018 Ethereum Завершено
Starting out we want to reward the people who help our community flourish so we will be offering a referral airdrop of 68 tokens per user directed to our Telegram!
We're excited to bring you more news about the groundbreaking technology IOS Token is bringing to the world. Stay tuned!

How to share the link and earn IOS Airdrop:

1.Click link

2.Copy your link to the telegram group to earn 68 IOS token

3.Spread the love and earn more tokens for you and your friends. Each gets 68 IOS tokens