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Название Вебсайт Бюджет Категория Даты Платформа Статус Активности
Открыть 2 000 000 SNPT Баунти 29.12.2017 - 01.02.2018 Ethereum Завершено

Welcome to the official SnapCity BOUNTY page

✪ ANN THREAD ✪[color=transparent].....✪ TOKEN SALE ✪[/color]

We are a passionate team of ex-Google and Palantir developers looking to disrupt the tourism industry by leveraging the blockchain.

Currently raised : $36 000,  Low Cap:200ETH Hard limit: 4000 ETH

Reply on this thread your weekly reports.
Edit your post before Saturday up to 11:59pm forum time
Post will be checked on Sunday
Multiple accounts are not accepted.
If you're making a translation, always check the your status before making any document.
Tokens will be distributed among the Snapcity bounty campaign participants after end of ICO. [/center]

Twitter campaign ✪ Twitter ✪
You must have atleast 100 followers
Follow official Twitter account
Construct 2 own post per week.
Retweet atleast 5 tweets per week
Original Post should contain #SnapCity, link to our website, and image from our website
Tweets must remain until the end of the campaign

100-500Followers – 50 tokens
501-1000 Followers –  100 tokens
1001 – 2000Followers –200 tokens
2001 – 3000 Followers – 300 tokens
3001-5000Followers – 400 tokens
5001 Followers – 500 tokens
APPLY|| status

Facebook campaign ✪ Facebook ✪
Must have atleast 100 friends
Follow our official facebook account
Must like and share atleast 5 times a week
Construct 2 own post per week.
Original Post should contain #SnapCity, link to our website, and image from our website
Post me be public and should remain until the end of campaign
Number of friends/followers should be visible in your profile

100-500 friends – 50 tokens
501-1000 friends – 100 tokens
1001 – 2000Friends – 200 tokens
2001 – 3000 Friends – 300 tokens
3001-5000Friends –400 tokens
5001+Followers - 500 tokens

APPLY|| status

Articles,Blog and Video creation campaign
Content should be original
Must contain atleast 500 words
Link to our Ann and social media should be found
Should be posted in reddit, steemit, medium and other related websites

Equivalent tokens
Low quality - 100 tokens
Fair quality- 300 tokens
High quality -500 tokens

For video creation
Minimum of 1 minute
Link to our Ann,social media, and website should be found
Must post on your social medias other than your youtube channel

Low quality - 200 tokens
Fair quality - 1000 tokens
High quality - 3000 tokens

Bonus 1 token/view
Views will be counted weekly
You need to contact us every week
If you want your views to get rewarded
APPLY|| status

Meme creation
Tweet us your greatest meme and get rewarded!

Low quality 100 tokens
Fair quality 200 tokens
High quality 400 tokens

APPLY|| status

All languanges are accepted!
Using google translate is strictly prohited!
Dont translate unless your approved
You need to moderate your own thread
Message @meowmeow_xoxo which page do you want to translate
Send the links to me once you're done so I can check and give appropriate reward
You got 3 days for Ann, 3 days for bounty, 5 days for wp, and 5 days for website
Each translation will earn 1000 tokens
Whitepaper will merit 3000 tokens
Bonus reward: 1token/view
APPLY|| status

TelegramCampaign ✪ Telegram ✪
20 tokens per participant
participants should stay until the end of ICO

  • Daily challenge will be announce in our telegram group
    So stay tuned!
    Great bonuses await those active members!

APPLY|| status

Signature Campaign
We are looking for poeple who won't just wear our signature but will promote our ICO too! If you're up for the challenge. Go and Apply!
Wear our signature before applying to get accepted.
You need to post atleast 12 post per week. Any post made after 12 will receive extra token.
Only 1 post in our Ann will count. So, if you made 2 or more comments in our Ann it will still give you a merit of 1 post.
We don't accept accounts with negative trusts.
Changing signature without informing the bounty manager will result to a negative trust. We don't tolerate people having multiple signature campaign.
We will only count post in bitcoin and alt discussion as well as maximum of 3 in your local boards
Minimum of 75 characters per post.

Legendary/ Hero Member  - 1500 tokens + 100 tokens per post after reaching quota
Sr.Member - 1000 tokens +  75 tokens per post after reaching quota
Full Member -  750 tokens + 50 tokens per post after reaching quota
Member - 500 tokens +  35 tokens per post after reaching quota
Jr. Member - 300 tokens + 25 tokens per post after reaching quota

Bonus: If you manage to cite Snapcity in your comment, you will get extra 100 tokens/ post no matter what your rank is! Do your best and you will get rewarded

Note: We may change the rate anytime we think we need to do so. We might add more.Great bonuses are waiting if the ICO became successful!
Do your best!
APPLY|| status

 Avatar :
  +200 token, if you wear our Avatar.


Signatures code is available at: